Mapping & Video Content. Production Review. Open Beatz Festival 2016
A Free Mind (Christian Herbstreuth) was responsibel for the complete Mainstage Video Content at Open Beatz Festival 2016 
which took place for 2 Days at Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.
Finaly there was 450 GB of Video Content to handel – animated custom made Mapping Content, prepared Stock-Footage and converted provided  Artist Content. 
Main Theme and Mapping Object was a Space Ship – Printed on the Mesh. Additional there where 2 LED Screens above and behind the Artists.
 The content for the 1.000 sqm stage was created with 7196x1920 px and played and mixed live on a PC, connected with a Datapath FX4 to 4 upright turned 
Titan Superquad 20K Full HD Projectors.

Technical Production and Stage Design: 
Design & Production Custom Video Content:
Media Server & Live-VJing: 
Space Ship Design:

Thanks to Autodidakt and Trumpdisco for the Track „Go To Sleep“
Please Notice: Focus is the custom made Content but the Review contains also short parts of Stock Footage and Artist provided Content.